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Coach B is a dedicated arm care enthusiast and looking to really prepare the players for the future that jumps upon you quick. We are ready to impact his athletes daily mentally and physically for college baseball or the next lvl. The focus is getting players to play at a high level and prepare them for the future. 

Tyler Flores is a minor league baseball player in the San Fransisco Giants organization. He holds the record at Point Loma University for most home runs in the history of the team. He batted .297 in his rookie league first season and second season finished in triple A. He is all about the players and not skipping any corners. He works with each athlete and genuinely cares about the future of the player and not the moment. 

Tyler Martinez is a assistant coach with the teams as he was a former player at Southwestern College and a full ride athlete at William Penn University where he dominated as a pitcher. He currently coaches at San Diego High School as the lead assistant. His character is just as big as his heart. 

Tanner Smith currently is in college at Northwest Missouri State University pitching on a full ride scholarship. He is a dedicated athletes who was a four year letter variety starting pitcher at Valhalla High School. He works on working with players trying to make sure they don't make bad decisions and gives a good respective as a active player now how to coach. 

Mike Butterfield is a dedicated coach who is a Mount Miguel alum and coached at the college level for over 12 years in San Diego County. He has always been about dedicating the right tools to each player to get them not to their level but above where they should be playing at. 

Communication through Team Snap

 Players and parents will be able to communicate through Team Snap. This will be where all practice/scrimmage/games will be posted with directions.  Go here to our TEAM PAGE 

Practice Schedule

  • Mondays Strength/Mobility/Arm Care 6-7:30
  • Hitting Wednesdays 6-7:00
  • Weekend Field practice twice a month

Tournaments and Scrimmages

  Players will play in a tournament once a month. We are looking to develop a great structure for our players to learn from our mistakes and build on them each week.  


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Each one of our players are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to participate with the program.

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