Hear from our GT Athletes

Tyler Thomas Fresno State U. 7th Rd Draft Pick Chicago Cubs Mira Mesa Alum


 "I wish he had been coaching me all my life. He has shown aptitude and ambition above and beyond the coaching standpoint. Coach James is different from all the other coaches I have had." 

Matthew Derosier 24th Round Washington Nationals Southwestern CC


 "I wouldn't have asked for a different coach. He taught me so much about pitching. He's definitely one of the reasons I am playing professional baseball to this day. He could be a real asset because he knows so much about the game and life in general." 

Michael Fitch Indiana Wesleyan Class of 2021


 "Coach James has a lot of knowledge on pitching mechanics, sequences and the mental game. I wish I would have started working with him my freshman year of high school. In the little time I have worked with him he has taught me more about pitching than any other coach"


Calvin Knowlton San Diego CC Former US Marine


"There isn't enough I can say about Coach Brandon James. He is the reason I am a college baseball player. He gave me an opportunity and pushed me every step of the way. He is the kind of coach that expects more out of you and molds you into the best player you can be. He is fully invested in all of his athletes no matter what age or what their goal is. He simply wants you to succeed not just at baseball but in life. He is a genuine person and an amazing coach, truly a blessing to work with him." 

Tyler Thorton SFC HS 2018 (Saint Marys College)


 "Coach Brandon coached me for two years at Santa Fe Christian and I saw tremendous improvement in every aspect of game. Amazing coach and would recommend him to anyone." 

Landon Schrier George Fox University Class 2021


"Coach James has taught me more than any other pitching coach I've ever had.  He has great knowledge of the game not just pitching.  He doesn't just teach you to throw the ball hard but to command the strike zone and be an efficient pitcher.  A lot of pitching coaches do not think about the arm care side of pitching and he really emphasizes taking care of my arm and getting me to the next level.  Coach James is not only my pitching coach but a mentor to me, he has not only taught me pitching lessons but life lessons.  He is a great God oriented coach.  I owe a lot of my success to him.  He cares about his guys more than any other coach.  Texting/ calling his guys as much as a parent does checking in on them and seeing how they are doing.  He is more than just a pitching coach.  He has knowledge about the game on and off the field.  Coach James helped me with a goal I've being try to achieve my whole life, weight loss. With his guidance and support I lost 40 lbs in 2 months. God put this coach in my life for a reason and I am beyond thankful for that! "

Hear from our GT Athletes

Tyler Joaquin ( Walk On USD) Class of 2022


"My experience with Coach Brandon James has shaped a better future for me on and off the baseball field. Brandon will teach you the correct philosophy's for mechanics, lifting, and as well as an outstanding nutrition plan to benefit you and your performance. Before working with Brandon I was consistently lifting solo and without a trainer but the improvement just wasn't showing on and off the field. I didn't have an idea of the importance in nutrition and the proper mechanics, which is something Coach Brandon will help with a lot. Since starting the workouts with him, I've made a lot improvement with my performance. Not only did have I improved physically so far, but I have learned leadership skills to be a representation for my high school team. Coach Brandon will provide you all of the key factors on becoming a successful player." 

Ben Parker San Diego Christian College Class of 2017


"Brandon James has been both a coach a roll model for me. Always setting an example for those around him and always finding the good in ever situation. I don't regret a single minute I spent with Coach James. He worked with me tireless never asking for anything in return and it was his passion/knowledge of the game that got me from a bullpen set -up pitcher, to a starter." 

Luke Arias Vanguard University Class of 2022


Mark Riendeau Lousiana College Currently Asst Coach LSU Alexandria (Graduated!!!)


 "Coach Brandon is one of the best coaches I have worked with. Thanks to my work with him I have learned to keep my arm safe all while improving my pitching. I would recommend his program to any player, pitcher or otherwise. His passion for the game is what motivates me to do better.  Not only is he a good coach but a good person off the field. Coach Brandon will do whatever he can to help you out in life. He's not only worried about your performance on the field, but he expresses the importance of your academics and education. I believe if I would have planned out my education with him, I would have had peace of mind, knowing what I needed to do to be where I want to be in life." 

Arik Ward RHP Briar Cliff University Class of 2017 (Graduated!!!)


"Brandon is a great coach who not only helped me with my mechanics, but also changed my mental approach to pitching. He breaks down every aspect of the position from pregame stretching to recording your outing on paper. He gave me back my confidence as a pitcher and helped me integrate my whole body into each throw. He is definitely worth the money and time." 

Matt Pierson Trinity University Class of 2020


 "Coach B knows almost everything about pitching. His amped up personality & knowledge of the game got me from a 6 inning pitcher in a season to 40+ innings w/ one of the lowest era in the league. He has not only helped me become a better pitcher mechanically, but he has helped me find confidence on the mound. He is truly a great guy who has a genuine heart for his players. Coach James is by far the best pitching coach I have EVER had!" 

Hear from our GT Athletes

Gabriel Sanchez LHP/OF Gerogetown College


 "Coach Brandon didn't just give me advice for baseball, he taught me how to become a mature adult, from work ethic to mental approach in baseball and translating it into my personal life's ambitions. He's not just a coach, he is a mentor that every player could use in their. A GURU in the art of pitching and strives to explain through every lesson to help each player be better in every aspect." 

Tyler Glowacki Santana High School Class of 2021


"I think that next level and Brandon James have helped me the most to be successful. I just wanna give a huge thanks to Brandon because he helped me with everything on and off the field anytime." 

Tanner Smith (Arkansas Tech Commit / D2) Class of 2017


"Coach James is by far the best pitching coach on the est Coast. Iv'e learned more about what it is to be a pitcher and not just go out and throw. I cant thank him enough for what he has done for me with pitching and life tips!"

DJ Lewis Midway University Class of 2018


 "Brandon James is a person who take the passion from when he played ball and puts it toward helping others. He has got a "Im gonna get this done" attitude and his dedication to his players is second to none. We as a family are glad his is in our corner." 

Agui Lopez Grace University Class of 2016 (Graduated !!!)


 "Having Coach Brandon by my side as a close friend and mentor during my playing career was a key component to the success I achieved on the field, but more importantly in life itself.  He is the epitome of what it means to be a servant leader. He invests in players by enabling them to be self-sufficient, and hardworking by living out what he preaches everyday. As I begin my college coaching career, I am excited to instill the same actions that he taught me, into my players so that they will achieve unmatched success on the field and into adulthood! Thanks Coach!!" 

Tyler Martinez William Penn U Class of 2016 (Graduated !!!)


 " Coach Brandon has a huge impact on my life. He is more than a coach to me, he is family. From the first day, Coach B has told me he would be there for me for life and it is true. IF I ever needed anything he is the first to step up without any hesitation. He is a up front kid of guy that isn't afraid to tell you that you look like bad and need work immediately. No a lot of coaches do that, they sugar coat things. What he has done for me and a lot more kids is unbelievable. I have him to thank for making me into the pitcher I am today. I have nothing but love for Coach B."