Meet the Owner : Brandon James (SD Pitching Coach)

33 Christian and married to my beautiful wife Teri with 2 kids

After his time with the Dodger Scout team, Brandon James started college at the age of 21. He attended two different community colleges before landing at a 4-year school with a scholarship to play baseball. Upon graduating with a BA in Business and Communications, he found himself no longer playing the game he thought he would be playing for the rest of his life. At the age of 26 he found himself with no plan and lost as to where to go next. Taking the passion and love he has for the sport, Coach James found a place in the coaching world at various college programs trying to help talented players without a plan. Realizing his passion for helping these baseball players refine their skills, he set out to get them into schools that would continue to foster their baseball talent.

While getting his Master’s degree from Ohio University in Athletic Education and working so closely with so many of these players and their parents, Coach James recognized there was a problem in the system and set out to find a way to help. GameTime Consultants was founded to help redirect the way you think and find a way to help each individual athlete have a plan, crafted for their own success that will help them for the rest of their lives, during and after sports. 

James now has been on a tear of San Diego looking to influence more and more players in arm care and development. He created the San Diego Coastal Collegiate League in San Diego bringing together over 300 different players who took part in a game in it's first season. The league was sold for a hefty amount and gave 20 players a new opportunity at a college and produced a draft pick in Tyler Flores (San Fransisco Giants, 2017 Draft)

James is currently residing in San Diego scouting with the Arizona Diamondbacks and coaching at Granite Hills High School. He was at Santa Fe Christian previous and where his pitchers posted a 1.91 era. in 2016 with 13 complete games, 6 shutouts and a division title in the Coastal League (D1) for the firs time in the schools history in San Diego, California. 

Coach James Pitching Coaching Experience
Arizona Diamondbacks (Associate Scout)

Gametime Baseball

San Diego Invaders

Santa Fe Christian HS 
San Diego Show Baseball
Southwestern Community College
San Diego Christian College 
Mira Mesa High School
Orange County Collegiate Bucs
Team San Diego
Miami Marlins (Associate Scout)​
Perfect Game Scout
​USABF (Player Relations)
San Diego Coastal Collegiate League


​NXT LVL Pitching Academy